I'll Be Back

Yeah I know, you’ve heard it a million times before. Bloggers quietly disappear for a while, come back with a “oops sorry, this time I’ll keep it up for sure!” and then they never do. So I won’t fault you for being skeptical.

Anyway. This is a bit of a belated announcement. I decided more than a month ago that I would take a hiatus during January to restructure the blog and build a buffer. Then I ended up taking the Xmas weeks off as well, because it was, well, Xmas.

Don’t worry though, I absolutely haven’t given up on blogging, rather the opposite in fact! Apart from the naive idea that I would have the time and energy to blog during the holidays, I met my own goals, and now I have a much better idea of what I actually want to do with this thing.

See you in February!