Most Special Gifts for Most Special People

Having received a starter kit from Panduro for my birthday a couple of years ago, I’ve made the occasional foray into jewelry making, but never got heavily into it. That is, until I came up with the idea of making personalised bracelets with hidden meanings. There’s lots of ways to convey messages that don’t involve letters or symbols, after all.

When the poly family became a thing, I realised I wanted to make them something to show them my love and appreciation, and soon came up with this idea: Three unique wrap bracelets that spell out all of our names with beads.

The first section of each bracelet

The bracelets are divided into three sections, the first of which is displayed above. The sections, separated by simple knots, spell out our names using the binary code that computers use to store characters.((The internet is full of binary converters; here’s the one I used.)) I used dark stones to represent zeroes, and lighter ones to represent ones. What you are looking at above is the section of each bracelet that says “alex”: 01100001 01101100 01100101 01111000.

Each bracelet consists of round beads made of natural minerals; mostly semi-precious stones. In fact, I’d say that of all the time I spent on the bracelets, at least half consisted of me carefully selecting beads that fit each person’s style and personality. I wanted the bracelets to reflect how we are parts of a whole, but also unique. So, for my partner Deus, I ended up choosing lava and tiger’s eye – the lava reminded me of our trip to Tenerife last year. My metamour Rye loves turquoise, so her bracelet consists of pale green amazonite and deep turquoise apatite. For myself, I got rose quartz and hematite.

Ladder wrap bracelets are most commonly made with leather cord, but since all three of us try to stay away from animal-based products I decided to find an alternative. The cord I ended up using is waxed cotton, which is not quite as stiff as leather, but still works quite well for this sort of bracelet.

Because the beads were slightly different sizes, the bracelets came out different lengths in the end, but since they’re made to be wrapped that wasn’t a problem. Also I left the end knots unglued, so Deus and Rye were able to adjust them to their liking, after which I fixated them with a drop of instant adhesive.

Serendipitously, the bracelets ended up being the perfect length to wrap thrice arount the wrist.

I managed to finish them just in time for Xmas, so my partner Deus and metamour Rye got them in boxes made of glittery wrapping paper. A most successful gift for my favourite people. <3

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