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A Blog About Anything

Writing the first post on a new blog is kind of like starting a new journal. You have that huge, empty space in front of you, a white page (or screen) waiting to be filled. Demanding, even. And for some reason, you feel like those first words have to be perfect.

Deciding what to blog about can be a daunting experience.
This picture was arranged, and is not an accurate depiction of what it looks like when I blog. (I seriously wish it were.)

It’s ridiculous, obviously. Very few things turn out perfect on the first try. And what’s a perfect first blog post, anyway?

Of course, there are plenty of people (pro bloggers, that is) who have opinions on that. Usually, the idea is to set the tone for your future writing. The problem is that even though you may have some idea of what you want that tone to be, it will still take some time to develop. Also, in my case, I’ve had some trouble figuring out what I actually want to blog about.

A Paralysing Lack of Focus

See, there are so many topics that interest me. Everything from deep stuff – like various social justice causes, relationships and intimacy, gender, and so on – to hobbies and crafts, gardening, gaming, and other assorted geekery. So you can imagine my plight when pretty much every expert on the internet says, “You have to focus! You have to find a niche! You have to have a topic! You have to know your audience!”

But I’m a generalist, not a specialist. I’m not an expert at anything, but quite good at a few things and doing alright at a lot. My hobbies and interests tend to shift over time, leading to me picking up a lot of new skills but never honing any of them to a fine point.

I used to think the reason I never managed to become an expert was because I’m lazy. But I’m not. I’m simply way too interested in way too many things to be able to focus on just one of them. This realisation came to me earlier this year as a result of reading this excellent blog post by Stephanie Zvan on Specialist Envy. (Not very long thereafter I also realised that I probably have ADHD. No wonder I can’t focus!)

Along with this realisation came a certain amount of acceptance. Being unable to focus on one particular thing and become an expert on it isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially not when it’s paired with an ability to pick up new knowledge and skills very easily. It means whatever I’m doing, I usually have some idea of the wider perspective.

Realising I’m a generalist was all well and good, but it certainly didn’t help me narrow down what I wanted this blog to be about. I have kept blogs before, and inevitably abandoned them as my focus shifted to other things. As a result, I became more and more reluctant to start new ones.

The Obvious Answer

This time, as my need to exercise my creative muscles (as well as my rather excessive desire to Tell People Stuff), I caved and asked my friends what to do. The answer was pretty much unanimous: “Just write whatever you want to write.”

In retrospect, that was kind of obvious. If I am to stay interested in blogging, I need to write about what I’m passionate about at the moment. Not force myself into a niche, which I will inevitably get bored of.

In other words, this is a blog about me, Alex Felicia. It’s about my hobbies, interests and passions. I’ll be sharing all sorts of things, from thoughts on how to deal with jealousy, to tips on how to make your planner look awesome – as well as what is going on in my life at the moment. If you know me, I hope this is reason enough to stick around and keep reading. If you don’t, give me a chance – perhaps it turns out we share an interest or two.

But don’t worry, everything will be neatly categorised so you can follow only the parts you are interested in. After all, one of my current passions is organisation…