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How I Became a Planner Junkie

How I went from disorganized to #planner junkie | alexfelicia.netIt’s only been a couple of months, though. For most of my life, I completely lacked routine and organization. I loved the idea of it; having an orderly life and getting things done. I loved the idea of a planner with neatly written checklists, and a desk full of clever utensils. And, of course, of having a clean home into which I would feel comfortable inviting friends. Of steady sleep patterns, regular meals.

But it wasn’t to be. Every time I came up with some new organizational scheme, it took no more than a few days before it was lost in the general clutter of my life. The holy grail turned into a pipe dream. I would pause in the stationery section of every bookshop and gaze longingly at supplies I knew would never see any use.

I was a hopelessly disorganized person, and that was the end of it. Continue reading How I Became a Planner Junkie

Getting Past Mental Blocks

I actually experienced a pretty huge mental block quite recently. See, it turned out that writing that first post didn’t release me from the issue of deciding how to start this blog off. After all, that wasn’t a real blog post, it was just an introduction, of sorts. Immediately I found myself wondering: What do I do next? I have all these things I want to write about, but where do I start? What is a good topic for my first actual article?

And so I found myself in a very familiar state: Paralysed with anxiety. Continue reading Getting Past Mental Blocks